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Our capsule collection is formulated with the highest quality plant-based ingredients to support healthy skin, improve barrier function, and actively prevent premature aging through targeted skin nutrition.

approachable luxury + ethical pricing

It is possible to sell the highest end formulas at an affordable price. Quality and wellness should be accessible for everyone. We choose to defy the industry by formulating luxury skincare at an accessible price without sacrificing quality or efficacy. We will NEVER mark up our products 1000% just to keep our margins superior.

Defiantly Conscious

The brain child of former corporate/indie product developer and insider, each and every product has been lab formulated with the healthiest and most potent, non-GMO, Vegan Friendly ingredients. Blending a Millenial aesthetic with high performance botanicals, expert formulation, and a mission to eliminate inflation of luxury goods...WHYLD leads by example. {Fun Fact: there are no creams or serums that are actually worth a $200+ retail price tag. Even the fanciest formula and packaging would cost a fraction of that. Pricing is all brand placement and dishonest marketing.}

Honest marketing

We're not trying to fool you like the others. We take false claims seriously, and will never play you a fool. Optimal levels of active ingredients in --> false claims, silicones, and unnecessary fillers out!

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